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How will Google know the existence of your site?

The answer is: absolutely nothing, that is going to be done by itself.

Google explores permanently the web to list the sites which have been just built. If there is a single link of a site known towards yours, Googles will follow this link and will discover your site. It takes between one and eight weeks to add your site to its index and to its search results.

If you want to try to accelerate this process, you can declare your site by filling the Google registration form, but the most effective rest to create links towards your site, thanks to the registrations in portals or to the exchanges of links.


It looks like it is easy and simple, however the difference between a well positioned site and another one lagging behind is in the design and the distribution of its contents.

Our developers know it and design for you a perfectly recognizable site by the robots of Google with contents which direct them for the best indexing.


In order to insure its efficiency, the optimization of the referencing of your Web site must be considered on the long term.

The market and your products evolve, your target and its tastes also.

Certain keywords on which you position your activity turn out less relevant in time while new become essential. And if you do not occupy this new place, your competitors will make it …

For example, at the sellers in telephony, they fought to be visible on the word " gsm " it has a decade there, nowadays it is rather the keyword "smartphone" which is more useful.

Our developers will insure you an optimization of your referencing to maintain it up to date and make sure it does not fall in search results.


It requires the constant day watch of your referencing.

Please contact us for the study and the launch of your campaign.